VIDEO GAME: Destiny Preview / Beta Review

Nothing Compares.

This past weekend I was given a chance to play the then open DESTINY Beta. Having played HALO in the past I was expecting big things from Bungie’s newest IP, and I’m excited to say that DESTINY was everything I’d thought it would be and much much more. Continue reading

GAME REVIEW: ‘South Park: the Stick of Truth’


For the rare few reading this review that don’t know what South Park is (HOW? AND WHY?), beyond that fact that it’s a game your young son or daughter may be asking you to purchase for them. Its important to understand that South Park is definitely something a child shouldn’t be watching, and that South Park: The Stick of Truth is a game intended for a mature ADULT gamer. And for all you mature ADULT gamers out there, if your dream is to know what it’s like to inspire fear and loyalty through powers of awesome flatulence. Then this game is EXACTLY what you’ve been waiting for! Continue reading