REVIEW: ‘Trillium’ #5

(DC Comics/Vertigo, 2014)

Written & Illustrated by Jeff Lemire
Lettered by Carlos M. Mangual

I’ve been putting off writing about Trillium for months now. I was going to review #1 but it had already been claimed for review by the time I got in touch with Cory if I remember correctly. With each issue that I’ve read I’ve felt less and less inclined to write about the engaging, estranging, frustrating, atmospheric, experimental beast that is Trillium, one of the most interesting comics of 2013. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Trillium” #1

(DC Comics / Vertigo, 2013)

Review by Shawn Warner


Jeff Lemire is one of the most unique voices in comics today. Perhaps best known for his other Vertigo title, Sweet Tooth, Lemire is now building quite a body of Super-Hero work with impressive runs on Animal Man, Justice League Dark and working with Geoff Johns on Justice League of America, contributing integral chapters of the Trinity War event. Continue reading