Review: Triggerman #2

(Hard Case Crime/Titan Comics – 2016)

Original Story by Walter Hill

Adapted by Matz

Art by Jef

Translated by Edward Gauvin

“Story so far…serving a life sentence for his violent criminal past, mafia gunman, Roy ‘Triggerman’ Nash, finds himself abruptly free from his prison cell and tasked with one final job, but all this straight-shooting mobster really cares about is Lena Dorsey, the woman he was forced to leave behind…” Continue reading


Review: Hard Case Crime Twofer

(Hard Case Crime/ Titan Comics- 2016)

If you’ve never heard of a “twofer” before I apologize.  In the cannon of my youth, that was a great deal, a “two-for-one”.  Although you have to purchase these books seperately, I’ve reviewed them together…such a deal…and you’ll want to go out and get them anyway.  Titan Comics has partnered with noir publisher Hard Case Crime to showcase new and old crime stories. It’s a move that can only benefit both companies and I had a chance to look through their first two releases,Triggerman and Peepland, on sale on October 5 and October 12 respectively.  After reading both of these firsts…holy crap…these are great crime books, and that entails all you might think as far as content. Continue reading