PREVIEW: Hoax Hunters #1

(Heavy Metal, 2015)

Written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley
Art by Christian Dibari
Colors by Micheal Spicer

*Releases in March 2015

Heavy Metal was originally an anthology magazine, publishing all manner of sci-fi and fantasy comics, and until recently owned by Kevin Eastman, co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The magazine was always a haven for fantastic artwork, featuring names like H.R. Giger, Terrance Lindall, and Walter Simonson. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘In The Dark: A Horror Anthology’

(Tiny Behemoth Press & IDW Publishing, 2014)

Edited by Rachel Deering

Writers – (in order of appearance) Cullen Bunn, Justin Jordan, Rachel Deering, Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, Mike Oliveri, Steve Niles, Tim Seeley, Christopher Sebella, Tom Taylor, James Tynion IV, Duane Swiercynski, Matthew Down Smith, F. Paul Wilson, Scott Snyder, Sean E. Williams, Brian Keene, Jody Leheup, Nate Southard, Thomas Boatwright, Ed Brisson, Paul Tobin, Valerie D’Orazio, and Marguerite Bennett Continue reading

BrainTrust: Following Monkeybrain Comics, Ep.3

This week I’ve decided to focus again on some of the fantastic and original work coming out of Monkeybrain Comics. It’s a beautiful thing to see a small company backing creators as they produce their original work. Those are the kinds of business practices that are redeeming in this country, a chance for us to see what can happen when creators are given free reign. And with that kind of business you attract the kinds of people you want in that business. Continue reading

Bag and Bored’s ‘Best Of 2013’: BRAD GISCHIA

BEST OF 2013
with Brad Gischia

I began reviewing comics for about six months ago.  I was so fired up to get into it, but I specified, when I talked to our fearless leader, Cory, that I would be in more than a little bit of a jam when it comes to reviewing books.  I am not near a comic store.  So to get a gig that is so centered on ever changing wall books, or even monthly, well…it wouldn’t be easy. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Prime-8s”

(Monkeybrain Comics, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Written by Micheal Moreci & Steve Seeley
Artwork by Kyle Latino
Color Artwork by Jordan Gibson

Little to no spoilers, other than awesomeness…(but you already knew that)

I’ve come to expect great things from the Moreci/Seeley camp. With their premiere of Hoaxhunters last year and its continued success they have proven that they have comic chops. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Hoax Hunters” #11

(Image Comics, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Writer – Micheal Moreci & Steve Seeley
Artist – T-Rex Jones
Cover Art – Jason Copland
Cover Colors – Nate Lovett
Letters – Jim Campbell

I’m just going to say it. It’s hard to write about Hoaxhunters. I stare at the computer screen, the white box of waiting for the filling text, the preview screen behind and open, showing me images from the latest issue, and my mind goes blank, my fingers tense and poised. Nothing. Thank you Michael Moreci, for silencing my fingers. Thank you Steve Seeley, for making me hate Microsoft Word, with its blank page and blinking cursor. Continue reading