REVIEW: ‘The Walking Dead’ #125

(Image Comics, 2014)

Written by Robert Kirkman
Pencil and Cover by Charlie Adlard
Inking by Stefano Gaudiano
Gray Tones by Cliff Rathburn
Lettering by Rus Wooton
Cover Colors by Dave Stewart

The Walking Dead #125: All Out War (Chapter 11 of 12)

Please Robert Kirkman! End this prolonged madness that you have incited on the zombie-filled world. Have you ever actually read your Letter Hacks? Don’t you know that people are the source of your income? Why do you continue to draw out this never ending saga of – who has the bigger stick? Continue reading


‘The Couch Nerd’: ‘the Walking Dead’, Episode 9 Recap

The Walking Dead has finally returned to AMC after what has felt like the longest break in television history. As the dreary winter month of February drudges along, last night’s episode was filled with mutilated zombies and many new unanswered questions. While The Walking Dead comics are currently a jumbled catastrophe, the television show is fulfilling Continue reading