REVIEW: ‘Clockwork Angels’ #2

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Kevin J. Anderson
From a story and lyrics by Neil Peart
Illustrated by Nick Robles
Lettering by Ed Dukeshire

A month has already passed, like the tick-tocking of the proverbial (and literal) clock; it’s time to return to Albion, the world dreamt up by Neil Peart of Rush fame.  In the first issue we met Owen Hardy, the farm boy who decided to take his future in his hands and leave everything he knew and go to the city. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Curse’ #3

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel
Art by Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer
Additional Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by Jim Campbell

We want our favorite comics to go as long as possible. The Walking Dead just released its 123 issue. Spider-Man went to 700 before the reboot. The Curse…well…The Curse is only going to be four issues.

I know right? How could something this cool only go four issues? The answer is simple. Michael Moreci (Hoaxhunters) and Tim Daniel (Enormous) only need four. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Clockwork Angels’ #1

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Kevin J. Anderson
From a Story and lyrics by Neil Peart
Illustrated by Nick Robles
Lettering by Ed Dukeshire

“A single person in a perfect world is little more than an identical grain of sand or a tiny pebble alongside the road. Yet, if a grain of sand got into the eye, or a sharp pebble in a shoe, it could cause tremendous problems.” Owen Hardy is that grain of sand or sharp pebble. Welcome to the perfectly timed future of Clockwork Angels, released this week from Boom Studios. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Buzzkill” #4

(Dark Horse Comics, 2013)

Review by Shawn Warner

Written by Donny Cates & Mark Reznicek
Artwork by Geoff Shaw
Color Artwork by Lauren Affe

The final issue of Buzzkill is an emotional gauntlet full of gut-level honesty that paints a uniquely authentic portrait of addiction complete with the contrasting moments of cacophonous chaos and the quietude of cathartic silence. Continue reading

‘Lost in the Longbox’ with Brad Gischia, Episode 13


West Coast Avengers #1 (of 4)
(Marvel Comics, 1984)

Writer:  Roger Stern
Pencils:  Bob Hall
Inker:  Brett Breeding
Letters:  Joe Rosen
Colorist:  Julianna Ferriter

Greetings from the Wasteland!

There is one title that, whenever I see it floating up at me from the dollar box, brings me right back to the eighties, to parachute pants and big hair, and that is West Coast Avengers. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Polarity” #1 (of 4)

(BOOM Studios, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITER:  Max Bemis
ARTWORK:  Jorge Coelho
COLOR ARTWORK:  Felipe Sobreiro
LETTERS: Steve Wands

Max Bemis, frontman for the band ‘Say Anything’, has created and written a four issue mini-series, starting with this first issue.  I don’t know anything at all about the band Bemis is in, but I dug into this first issue sure that it wouldn’t be a problem.  Plus, with each of the four issues containing a code for a different free downloadable song from Bemis, I’m sure I can get a decent idea. Continue reading