REVIEW: ‘Cap Stone’ #1

(Titan Comics, 2014)

Writer: Liam Sharp & Christina McCormack
Artist: Liam Sharp

Story: The story focuses on Charlie Chance, the daughter to a playboy millionaire and gentleman thief who taught her all the tricks of the trade. As an adult, she’s now given up the lifestyle, but one big secret left behind by her father is about to come to back and haunt her. In the form of the titular character, Cap Stone, who’s suddenly gone missing. Continue reading

REVIEW: Mono #1

(Titan Comics, 2014)

Writer: Liam Sharp
Artist: Ben Wolstenholme

Story: Supposedly based off the true, pulp fiction novellas about Mono, the gentlemanly ape-man, spy and adventurer comes a story where the man was real, and the stories of old were works of “fiction.” To set his tales straight, an old friend of Mono’s revisits his personal journals and through them we get to see what the spy/adventurer/ape-man was really like. Continue reading