REVIEW: ‘Thor’ #1 (2014)

(Marvel Comics, 2014)

Written by Jason Aaron
Artwork by Russel Dauterman
Color Artwork by Matthew Wilson
Lettering by Joe Sabino

Marvel has some major changes in store for us as we approach the end of 2014; Sam Wilson taking over the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers, Tony Stark moving from the Invincible east coast to the Superior west coast in a bid to become the Steve Jobs of the 616, Wolverine’s death and the one that has the internet buzzing Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Thunderbolts’ #21

(Marvel Comics, 2014)

Written by Charles Soule
Artwork by Carlo Barberi
Color Artwork by Thomas Mason
Lettering by Joe Sabino

The last couple issues of Thunderbolts have gone to Hell; literally I mean the team, with the exceptions of Elektra and the Punisher, has been trying to get out of Hell. The addition of Ghost Rider Continue reading

REVIEW : “Deadpool Killustrated” #4

(Marvel Comics, 2013)

Review by Shawn Warner

WRITTEN BY:  Cullen Bunn
PENCILS BY:  Matteo Lolli
INKS BY:  Sean Parsons
COLOR ARTWORK BY:  Veronica Gandini
LETTERS BY:  VC’s Joe Sabino

Shakespeare, Poe, Kafka, Deadpool. Something has gone horribly awry in the Ideaverse and Sherlock Holmes is on the case. Holmes and his trusted companion Dr. John Watson are on the heels of Deadpool as he leaves a trail of dead bodies consisting of some of literatures most important and innovative characters. Continue reading