REVIEW: “Quantum and Woody” #3

(Valiant Entertainment, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITTEN BY: James Asmus
ARTWORK BY: Tom Fowler
COLOR ARTWORK BY: Jordie Bellaire

I’ve seen this title being referred to as a “buddy cop” type pf story, only with costumes and super powers, and this is fairly accurate.  You have all of the right fixtures – the strong, more experienced hero matched with the loose cannon crazy guy – all tipped in a thick coating of humor, science fiction, and mystery. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Quantum and Woody” #1

(Valiant Comics, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

WRITTEN BY:  James Asmus
ARTWORK BY:  Tom Fowler
COLOR ARTWORK BY:  Jordie Bellaire

Greetings from the Wasteland!

*Here there be Spoilers.

When you consider the greatest super duos of all time, what names top your list?  Green Arrow and Green Lantern? The Green Hornet and Kato?  Batman and…anyone?  Add to that list Quantum and Woody, the newest release from writer James Asmus and Valiant Comics. Continue reading