REVIEW: The Legacy of Luther Strode #1

(Image Comics 2015)

Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Tradd Moore
Coloring by Felipe Sobreiro
Lettering by Fonografiks

For those of you who didn’t read The Strange Talent of Luther Strode or The Legend of Luther Strode when they came out in 2011 and 2013 respectively, this is a great time to pick up the trade and catch up. Continue reading


REVIEW: Spread #6

(Image Comics, 2015)

Written by Justin Jordan
Art by Kyle Strahm & Felipe Sobreiro

Sometimes you need a super serious comic, one that tackles serious themes and issues, other times you just need an interesting horror comic with loads of gore. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘In The Dark: A Horror Anthology’

(Tiny Behemoth Press & IDW Publishing, 2014)

Edited by Rachel Deering

Writers – (in order of appearance) Cullen Bunn, Justin Jordan, Rachel Deering, Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, Mike Oliveri, Steve Niles, Tim Seeley, Christopher Sebella, Tom Taylor, James Tynion IV, Duane Swiercynski, Matthew Down Smith, F. Paul Wilson, Scott Snyder, Sean E. Williams, Brian Keene, Jody Leheup, Nate Southard, Thomas Boatwright, Ed Brisson, Paul Tobin, Valerie D’Orazio, and Marguerite Bennett Continue reading

REVIEW: “Polarity” #1 (of 4)

(BOOM Studios, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITER:  Max Bemis
ARTWORK:  Jorge Coelho
COLOR ARTWORK:  Felipe Sobreiro
LETTERS: Steve Wands

Max Bemis, frontman for the band ‘Say Anything’, has created and written a four issue mini-series, starting with this first issue.  I don’t know anything at all about the band Bemis is in, but I dug into this first issue sure that it wouldn’t be a problem.  Plus, with each of the four issues containing a code for a different free downloadable song from Bemis, I’m sure I can get a decent idea. Continue reading