REVIEW: ‘The Fuse’ #2

(Image Comics, 2014)

Written by Antony Johnston
Illustrated by Justin Greenwood
Colored by Shari Chankhamma
Lettered by Ed Brisson

Image was always the first company to push the creator more than the comic. It gave us the rock star creators of the 90’s, and despite the glut of amazing garbage that we saw during that time; there were gems as well. Who can forget the first time they saw Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Dead Body Road’ #3

(Image Comics, 2014)

Written by Justin Jordan
Artwork by Matteo Scalera
Color Artwork by Moreno DiNisio
Lettering by Pat Brosseau

Justin Jordan begins to show what he has up his sleeve just a bit with the third issue of this intriguing and brutally poetic crime drama. The main character, Orson Gage is an amalgamation of contradictory qualities; he’s a good cop gone bad and back again, he’s a chivalrous brawler Continue reading