Review: Sink #1

(Comix Tribe- 2017)

Story by John Lees

Art and Colors by Alex Cormack

Letters by Colin Bell

Logo by Tim Daniel

Glasgow, largest city in Scotland, third largest in the UK, and home to a bustling nightlife.  And there are bars and clubs as well.  In John Lees latest comic, Sink, from Comix Tribe, there is a distinct difference from what you envision. Continue reading

REVIEW: And Then Emily Was Gone, Vol. 1

(ComixTribe, 2015)

Story by John Lees
Art by Iain Laurie
Colors by Megan Wilson
Letters by Colin Bell
Variant Covers by Riley Rossmo, Nick Pitarra,
Garry Brown, Joe Mulvey, and Cody Schibi

And Then Emily Was Gone is a horror story on more than one level. It is a creepy and utterly fantastic fairy tale set in modern day Scotland that explores several levels of the horror genre and taps into them with great success. This was, as far as I could tell, one of the most surprising hits of last year, and with that success comes good things for creators John Lees and Iain Laurie. Continue reading

REVIEW: Find #1

(ComixTribe, 2015)

Story by Sam Read
Art by Alex Cormack
Letters by Tyler James
Edited by Steven Forbes

Comic books are a big business. Apart from many businesses though, it is also an art form, which brings it’s own set of complications. How do you judge art? It’s in the eye of the beholder of course, but there is a way to tap into the collective consciousness that makes something culturally popular and therefore financially successful, and at this point in time the term “comic book” seems to bring out wallets like never before.

Continue reading