Review: Donald Duck Issues 2 and 3

(IDW 2015)

Writers – various

Artists – various
So, IDW is the new current home of the Disney comics reprint venture. For those not aware, Disney comics have been around for the larger part of a century, and in a few dozen countries. Continue reading


Monday Update – Everything Comics and More!

Hello Bag and Boreders! What a lovely Monday morning. This is a new post that we are going to be throwing out every Monday on some of the things that are going on in the world of comics and entertainment. This will obviously be something that evolves as times moves on. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Haunted Horror’ #9

(IDW Publishing, 2014)

Writers and Artists: Various
Editors: Steve Banes, Clizia Gussoni and Craig Yoe
Contributing Editors: Mike Howlett, Toxic Tommy O’Brien and Tillmann Courth

Often, there tends to be a bias against purchasing comics in reprints. This could be fueled by the speculator market, in which reprints or second printings might be seen as being inauthentic or worth less because they’re not the original. To that I say, comics are meant for reading. Value should be an afterthought. Continue reading