Review: C2C Con: Twilite Zone Comics

By: Shawn Warner

     This Saturday marked my first Coast to Coast Comic Con, now as a veteran of several of the larger comic book conventions; I must admit this one was like none other in that it is a live streaming event. Continue reading


Bag & Bored Interview Exclusives

This past month, the Bag & Bored staff had the wonderful opportunity at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Richmond to chat with a couple of premiere individuals in the world of comics and entertainment. The beauty of the press is the chance to by-pass the lines of people to get up close and personal with these great individuals. We had the chance to speak with Neal Adams, Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic from AMC’s The Comic Book Men, and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead). Check out these exclusive interviews below! Continue reading

Baltimore Comic Con 2014: Vendors and Cosplayers

Vendors and Cosplayers: In the Trenches at Baltimore Comic Con 2014
By Shawn Warner

A major part of any convention is the show floor, sure lots of important panels, keynote speeches and endless informative programs are held in the meeting rooms and large ballrooms of the convention center, but the rank and file of vendors, fans and cosplayers can be found on the show floor making deals, finding that elusive issue that completes a favorite run or Continue reading

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE North Carolina Comic-Con

NC COMIC-CON (Durham, NC) Galen Garner headed to Durham, NC this past weekend for the North Carolina Comic-Con, hosted by Durham’s Ultimate Comics What started as a few tables in a mall has grown to a multi-room convention center show with big names such as Neal Adam, Daniel Way, Josh Adams, Frank Cho, Drew Blank  and many others! Watch his exclusive insight into this year’s show!