REVIEW: ‘Pirouette’ #1

(Black Mask Studios, 2014)

Created & Written by Mark L. Miller
Pencils & Inks by Carlos Granda
Colors by El Comic En Linea Foundation
Lettered by Jim Campbell

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns.  Anyone who grew up on Stephen King novels has a touch of it, and those who saw Tim Curry’s crazy-good performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown still shudder at the thought of balloons and how they float.  But for those that weren’t deeply emotionally scarred, there’s a new clown in town. Continue reading


REVIEW: ‘Saltire: Annihilation’ Part 1

(Diamondsteel Comics, 2014)

Created by John Ferguson
Art by Claire Roe and Lauren Knight

In 2013 we saw the introduction of the “first Scottish superhero” into the comics canon.  Saltire: Invasion showed us how the Roman army ran face-first into the blue-skinned, dual-claymore wielding, behemoth, and was crushed beneath his mighty heel.  Now creator John Ferguson has penned the second issue, Saltire: Annihilation. Continue reading

A LOOK AT: Capstan Comics

(Capstan Comics 2013/2014)

Book One: The Arrival
Written by Tim Kenyon
Artwork by Gerry Kissell
Lettering by Bernie Lee

Paradise Prison
Written by Tim Kenyon
Artwork by Rob Garcia

Indie comics have gradually become a passion of mine over the last year.  The tenacity it takes to not only build a small business, but to build it in a market that is dominated so thoroughly is enough to make it seem a Herculean effort just to put out your own, self-published book. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Legenderry’ #3

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2014)

Writer – Bill Willingham
Artist – Sergio Fernandez Davila
Colors – Wes Hartman
Letters – Rob Steen
Main Cover – Joe Benitez
Character Designs – Johnny Desjardins

Welcome back dear readers to Legenderry, that lovely, steamy, punky world that Bill Willingham has built for us. Within are lovely, deadly ladies, dashing rogues, faithful sidekicks, and dastardly villains working with shadowy corporations. It’s a beautiful thing. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Saltire” Volume 1

(Diamondsteel Comics, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Created by John Ferguson
Art by Tone Julskjaer & Gary Welsh
Cover by Jim Devlin

One of the core ideas of the comics world, especially that of the Marvel U, is the insistence that heroes can come from anywhere. One of the key points that made me fall in love with the X-Men was that they were a truly international group, with members coming from countries across the globe. And I always wondered…could they manage to survive in a book of their own? Continue reading