Review: Klaus #2

(Boom! Studios 2015)

Written by Grant Morrison

Illustrated by Dan Mora

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Cover by Dan Mora

As the Christmas season speeds by, we need to focus on the things that were extolled in those holiday Christmas specials we all enjoyed as children.  The joy of family and friends nearby, the lopping of body parts, the wonder of Santa… Continue reading

REVIEW: Escape from New York #1

(Boom! Studios, 2014)

Writer – Christopher Sebela
Artist – Diego Barreto
Colorist – Marissa Louise
Letterer – Ed Dukeshire

I’ve a love of post-apocalyptic fiction and prose that began long before I first read about zombie’s taking over the world.  That love was born and bred of films I loved growing up, films that took the bright and shiny future and filled it with the most loathsome buggers around, and then made those guys the heroes.  Mad MaxThe Running Man (yes, that one too), and especially Escape From New York captured the imaginations of a generation of kids who grew up with Ronald Reagan and George Bush, and thought that whatever was coming was most assuredly not going to be better.  There were sequels to some of those films, some good, some…not so good, but now, under the leadership of Boom! Studios, we’re getting another sequel, this time to a classic.

Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Clive Barker’s Nightbreed’ #2

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Story by Clive Barker
Written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Piotr Kowalski
Colors by Juan Manuel Tumburus
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Remember sleepovers in the 80’s when you would stay up all night long watching films your parents wouldn’t let you at your own house, hoping that in reality none of the images would be too scary for you to handle by yourself, in your darkened bedroom, the next night?  I have one friend whose birthday landed on Friday the 13th every couple of years, and he would treat us to those very types of movies.  My introduction to horror classics like Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘The Empty Man’ #1

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Vanesa R. Del Rey
Colors by Michael Garland
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

By page nine I was saying to myself…”What the f@#k is going on here?”  And that’s what we’ve come to expect, no to depend upon, when reading a Cullen Bunn comic book.

Bunn (The Sixth Gun) brings his own spin on a horror/contagion comic with The Empty Man, a new series from Boom! Studios. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Clockwork Angels’ #2

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Kevin J. Anderson
From a story and lyrics by Neil Peart
Illustrated by Nick Robles
Lettering by Ed Dukeshire

A month has already passed, like the tick-tocking of the proverbial (and literal) clock; it’s time to return to Albion, the world dreamt up by Neil Peart of Rush fame.  In the first issue we met Owen Hardy, the farm boy who decided to take his future in his hands and leave everything he knew and go to the city. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Curse’ #4

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel
Art by Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer
Additional Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by Jim Campbell

As I woke up Tuesday morning and stumbled out to my truck, dragging my feet through new-fallen snow I happened to look up and see the red orb of the moon hanging low in the early morning sky.  It is one of those things that help to conjure an image for certain.  How appropriate that the week of the blood moon eclipse also sees the release of Curse #4 from Boom! Studios, the last in a four issue short from Michael Moreci (Hoaxhunters) and Tim Daniel (Enormous). Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Translucid’ #1 (of 6)

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert
Art by Daniel Bayliss
Covers by Jeff Stokely and Ming Doyle

Which reality is the one that we believe?  Is it the one where super villains plot great and intuitive schemes against those nemeses that have plagued them for their entire lives?  Or is it the one where a boy draws on lined paper in his bedroom, imagining the things he wishes he could do and creating those very villains from everyday things? Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Lumberjanes’ #1

(BOOM! Box / BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis
Illustrated by Brooke Allen
Colors by Maarta Laiho
Letters by Aubry Aiese

Boom! Studios lurks in the shadows waiting to strike.  They are not a company that is unused to publishing big, popular books.  They have licensed properties like Garfield, Adventure Time, and Hellraiser, but also have many original books, including Curse, Dead Letters, and Polarity.  It’s these kinds of books that can project Boom! into another class altogether.  At the same time, they are a company that is keeping their collective ear to the rail when it comes to new properties, small books that might not otherwise get a viewing. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Dead Letters’ #1

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Created & Written by Christopher Sebela
Art by Chris Visions
Colors by Ruth Redmond
Letters by Steve Wands

The concept of purgatory, that waiting room between Heaven and Hell, has been both and inspiration and a driving force to the arts for centuries. From Dante’s Inferno, where Purgatory was a mountain representing the climb to a better life, to McFarlane’s Spawn, where it was the third party in the Heaven/Hell battle, purgatory is and will always be a place where good ideas can fester. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Curse’ #3

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel
Art by Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer
Additional Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by Jim Campbell

We want our favorite comics to go as long as possible. The Walking Dead just released its 123 issue. Spider-Man went to 700 before the reboot. The Curse…well…The Curse is only going to be four issues.

I know right? How could something this cool only go four issues? The answer is simple. Michael Moreci (Hoaxhunters) and Tim Daniel (Enormous) only need four. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Clockwork Angels’ #1

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Kevin J. Anderson
From a Story and lyrics by Neil Peart
Illustrated by Nick Robles
Lettering by Ed Dukeshire

“A single person in a perfect world is little more than an identical grain of sand or a tiny pebble alongside the road. Yet, if a grain of sand got into the eye, or a sharp pebble in a shoe, it could cause tremendous problems.” Owen Hardy is that grain of sand or sharp pebble. Welcome to the perfectly timed future of Clockwork Angels, released this week from Boom Studios. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Evil Empire’ #1

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Created & Written by Max Bemis
Illustrated by Ransom Getty
Colored by Chris Blythe
Lettered by Ed Dukeshire

Comic books are an escape. For the reader they are, by their very nature, a way to have a scant 22 pages to yourself, quiet and calm no matter what may be happening in the pages. But flip that around to the writer and artists’ viewpoint, and they become the exact opposite. Like any other form of media Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Adventure Time: Seeing Red’ OGN

(KaBoom!, 2014)

Writer: Kate Leth
Artist: Zachary Sterling
Inks: Ru Xu
Tones: Amanda Lafrenais
Letters: Aubrey Aiese

“LSP’s Purse”
Writer and Artist: Meredith McClaren
Tones: Amanda Lafrenais

NOTE: Although this book has a nifty “3” on its spine, it’s actually a standalone volume with a self-contained story. In the future, I hope that kaboom! makes a running change to exclude these numbers, as they can sometimes drive new readers away if they climb too high. On to the review. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Loki: Ragnorok and Roll’ #1

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Eric M. Esquivel
Artwork by Jerry Gaylord
Color Artwork by Gabriel Cassata
Lettering by Ryan Ferrier

HELLO COMIC BOOK LOVERS! My name is Joshua Selser and I will be your tour guide through the madness which is “LOKI: Ragnorok and Roll”, a breath of fresh air in this medium of four color wonder we all embrace.

WARNING this review may contain plot spoilers. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Curse’ #2

(BOOM! Studios, 2014)

Written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel
Art by Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer
Additional Colors by Tamra Bonvillian
Letters by Jim Campbell

Who doesn’t love a werewolf story? Watching people walk through the darkened woods away from their broken down car (get back to the car!), or seeing their wide eyes as their heads whip around at the sound of an unearthly howl (get back to the car!) or seeing the “wolf’s view” as it gets closer and closer Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘Reincar(Nate)’ #1

(5th World Studios, 2014)

Review by Brad Gischia

Written by Michael Moreci
Illustrations by Keith Burns
Color by Chris Beckett
Letters by Jim Campbell

*Moderate Spoilers

Happy New Comic Book Day! On this most joyous of weekdays, perhaps as you’re browsing about in the virtual bins at Comixology, you happen upon Hoaxhunters and remember that they’re on sabbatical. But how to get your Moreci fix? Continue reading

THINGS TO COME for January 2014

Things to Come for January 2014
with Kenneth Kimbrough

Welcome to 2014, the year we first get attacked by kaiju and the year when Solid Snake grows a pretty rad stache. As a part of the new year, I’m introducing a feature to the site in which I highlight new releases, reprints, relaunches and just about anything else that tickles me. All of this information can be found in the retailer catalog—PREVIEWS—which your local comic store should carry. Continue reading

REVIEW: “Polarity” #1 (of 4)

(BOOM Studios, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITER:  Max Bemis
ARTWORK:  Jorge Coelho
COLOR ARTWORK:  Felipe Sobreiro
LETTERS: Steve Wands

Max Bemis, frontman for the band ‘Say Anything’, has created and written a four issue mini-series, starting with this first issue.  I don’t know anything at all about the band Bemis is in, but I dug into this first issue sure that it wouldn’t be a problem.  Plus, with each of the four issues containing a code for a different free downloadable song from Bemis, I’m sure I can get a decent idea. Continue reading