‘The Couch Nerd’ with Galen Garner, Episode 2

The Couch Nerd: Quickie for the Week

By Galen Garner

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! We are in for a wonderful week with the big kick off of three of two of our major shows that we will be following here at the Couch Nerd. For a quick reminder, I try my best to warn about spoilers, but I can’t always promise that I will not remember to do so. (I had someone ruin Harry Potter for me, so since then my spoiler soul has been dead.) Continue reading

‘The Couch Nerd’ with Galen Garner, Episode 1

The Couch Nerd: Bag and Bored’s Weekly Television Report
By Galen Garner


Welcome to The Couch Nerd. This is Bag and Bored’s newest addition to our already wonderful site full of reviews on comics and entertainment. I am Galen and I will be your guide this fall as we explore the upcoming television shows that will definitely tickle your inner nerd. Continue reading