‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’, Episode 19: Year End Wrap-Up

Greetings fellow Gothamites and welcome to the final episode of The Weekly Bat-Signal for 2013. The city is abuzz getting ready to ring in the New Year Gotham style which means lots of garish pageantry and drunken disorderly conduct in the streets, from the lowest of Crime Alley miscreants to the stratosphere of Gotham’s high society the parties will rage on well into the first morning of 2014. Continue reading


‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’ with Shawn Warner, Episode 12

Good evening Gothamites from high atop the hills of The Palisades just east of stately Wayne Manor to the decrepit depths of Crime Alley we bid you welcome to this week’s installment of The Weekly Bat Signal, where we chew the fat about The Bat and get down to the nitty-gritty about Gotham City. Continue reading