Heather Antos

Name: Heather Antos

Twitter Account: @HeatherAntos

City: Ann Arbor, MI

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Favorite All Time Super Villain: Magneto with Lex Luthor as a very close second.

Favorite Comic Book Movie: Either Watchmen or Kick-Ass. They both have killer soundtracks and scores and the films themselves were storyboarded and shot with actual frames from the comics in mind. Excellent writing and cinematography all around.

Best Story Arc: Sandman: Volume One

Best Place to Eat In Your City: Golden Wall - because nothing beats crappy Chinese Take Out!

DC or Marvel, Why?: Well, personally I’m more of an Image Comics or Vertigo fan, myself…but if I absolutely had to pick….DC for the Villains and Marvel for the heroes. And Gambit. Gambit wins my heart every time.

My one super power would be….. Omnipotence! As if there really was a better option…

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