Review: Holliston: Friendship is Tragic

(SourcePoint Press – 2016)

Created by Adam Green

Concept by Gary and Josh Sobek

Written by Greg Wright

Edited by Travis Mcintire

Pencils and Inks by Stephen Sharar

Colors, letters, and Design by Joshua Werner

During the turbulent 2000’s of the entertainment industry, when networks were born, sold, dissolved, renamed, rebranded, and sold again, a young writer was swimming against the current, tying to makes his bones in the business.  This writer was Adam Green, and with partner Joe Lynch, they created a show called Holliston, which ran for two seasons in 2012 and 2013, before the death of Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus of GWAR), a divorce, and the merger of Time Warner and Comcast again dissolves a network.  Holliston went off the air.  It stayed in the shadows while Green rebuilt his life, all the while writing movies.  In 2016, Green paired with SourcePoint Press and resurrected the title, this time in comic book form. Continue reading


Review: Dead Duck and Zombie Chick: Rising from the Grave!!!

(Source Point Press 2016)

Created by Jay P. Fosgitt

If you don’t know who Jay P. Fosgitt is yet, you soon will.  The Michigan-based artist has recently begun drawing Rocket and Groot for Marvel, now on it’s fifth issue and going strong, and before that, had success with his own all-ages book Bodie Troll. Continue reading