REVIEW: ‘Kill Me’ #1-3

(Dark Horse Comics, 2014)

Kill Me 1-3
Collected in Dark Horse Presents #31-#33

Writer – Chad Lambert
Artist – Christine Larsen
Letterer – Jaymes Reed

Everyone can look back on a past event and wish it had turned out differently. Most of the ones that really tug at the emotional heartstrings are those in which we behaved poorly. (It seems for me that the blue and yellow lockers of my high school’s hallways frame nearly all of these.) There is always a moment when we can be more compassionate to others and for whatever reason choose not to be.

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REVIEW: “Hellboy: In Hell”

(Dark Horse, 2013)

Reviewed by Chris Ambrosio

WRITER & ARTWORK: Mike Mignola
COVER ARTIST: Mike Mignola

It has been a while since I have seen Mignola do work with Dark Horse for Hellboy, since 2005 I believe. With Mignola being gone for so long, we all were stuck wondering if he was ever going to return and if he did was he going to be able to return with a big BOOM! Continue reading

REVIEW: “JSA Liberty Files: the Whistling Skull” #1

(DC COMICS, 2013)   –   Reviewed by Feral Fang

whistling-skull-cover_510x785-small1I am seriously in love with ‘the Whistling Skull’.  Only one issue in and I can tell this is going to be a great one, one that will hopefully move from this 6-issue mini-series into a regular title.  Where should I start?  The setting and premise (or what we know of it from this first issue) works so well with Tony Harris’ unique art style that it seems like one couldn’t exist fully without the other.  B. Clay Moore’s script is witty, while still taking the characters and situations serious, to an extent.  This book is silly when it’s serious, and fun when it’s freaky.  Harris’ facial expressions are genius, and his varied character design is definitely something to look at while browsing at your local shop.  Before you buy it, of course – because I highly recommend this title!  It almost feels like an odd off-shoot of ‘Hellboy’, but in it’s own universe, style, etc.  Like it’s in the same genre, if anything.  Not because there’s Nazis (there is), not because the main character’s head is a skull (it is), and not because it deals with supernatural themes (it does).  Basically, if you like things like Hellboy, I think you will like this book.  If you happen to love Hellboy, this is definitely the book for you!  This title feels so classic, so interestingly written and visually awesome, I’d really be surprised if this isn’t a hit.  I, for one, am along for the 6 issue ride, that much I can tell you.  I just really love this title.  Here’s to 5 more stunning issues!

— 5 out of 5 Sailing Rockets