Review: Revolutionaries #2

(IDW – 2017)
Writer: John Barber
Art: Fico Ossio
Colors: Sebastian Cheng
Letters Tom B Long
Regular Cover: Tradd Moore & Felipe Sobreiro
One of the REVOLOUTIONARIES is M.I.A following Mayday’s (Ayana Jones) recent team up with ROM the Space Knight to lead her fledgling team into battle against Major Bludd and the Oktober Guard after a strange artefact released Dire Wraith energies in Verenya Schleteva. Now in REVOLOUTIONARIES #2 Mayday’s team sets out to rescue Action Man and the find mysterious Talisman, along with a little help from the diminutive visitors from Microspace, the Micronauts!  Their mission will cause them to lock swords with the all-new Storm Shadow, and she’s not someone who backs down without a fight! Continue reading


Review: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #218


Writer- Larry Hama

Artist- Paolo Villanelli

Colors- J. Brown

Letters- Neil Uyetake

Editor- Carlos Guzman

I’m not even going to tease you for a few paragraphs and waste your time in regards to how I feel about G.I. Joe ARAH #218…It. Is. Great! Continue reading