REVIEW: “Legends Of Red Sonja” #1

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

“Legends of Red Sonja”
Written by: Gail Simone
Artwork by: Jack Jadson

“Eyes of the Howling God”
Written by: Nancy A. Collins
Artwork by: Noah Salonga

“La Sonja Rossa”
Written by: Devin Kallie Grayson
Artwork by: Carla Speed McNeil

I never knew I was a fan of Red Sonja.  Come to find out that I am, and a big one.  I saw her in comics throughout my life, never really landing on any sort of opinion.  I’m usually not a fan of this genre, whether it be Continue reading


‘The Weekly Bat-Signals’ with Shawn Warner, Episode 6

Greetings fellow Gothamites, I had to leave our fair city of Gotham for the even darker and deadlier streets of Baltimore, just for a weekend to attend the 14th annual Baltimore Comic-Con. I hope you read and enjoyed the report of my exploits on the convention floor. It was a blast, I met so many great creators and vendors but we are here to speak of all things Batman. This episode is going to focus Continue reading