Review: Sink #1

(Comix Tribe- 2017)

Story by John Lees

Art and Colors by Alex Cormack

Letters by Colin Bell

Logo by Tim Daniel

Glasgow, largest city in Scotland, third largest in the UK, and home to a bustling nightlife.  And there are bars and clubs as well.  In John Lees latest comic, Sink, from Comix Tribe, there is a distinct difference from what you envision. Continue reading

REVIEW: ‘And Then Emily Was Gone’ #1

(Comix Tribe, 2014)

Story – John Lees
Art – Iain Laurie
Colors – Megan Wilson
Letters – Colin Bell

The things you love as a child shape the adult you’ll become.  The popularity of geek culture (because “geek culture” is a common term now) rest on the fact that the people making the big decisions (and consequently the big money) were the ones that grew up on the ’89 Batman, the Richard Donner Superman, and the oft-talked about and seldom seen Roger Corman Fantastic Four. (Forgive us, we had nothing else.) Continue reading