Review: Red Sonja

(Dynamite – 2017)

Writer: Amy Chu

Illustrator: Carlos Gomez

Colorer: Mohan

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Hey everyone. I’m coming back at you with Red Sonja # 1. So let’s jump in.

Not being too familiar with the comic series, I got to read this comic as a blank slate. And that was kind of fun. As a new reader, I was able to leave this issue excited to see what comes next, and can’t wait for issue number two. But getting there was a little bit of a rollercoaster ride.

The story begins on a cold January morning in NYC. Expertly drawn, I swear I got chills just looking at the pages – making me reach for a blanket despite the much less cold Texas weather outside. And these believable images continued throughout the whole comic. They drew me in to the story, and in some ways made me feel tricked as the story took me for a bumpy ride that I wasn’t expecting.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 5.28.58 PM.pngThe bumpy ride is from our two very different main characters. First there is Max; a rookie cop who finds himself thrown into a situation with an exotic, barely dressed woman, who speaks a foreign language he slightly understands and is swinging a sword at him. Then there is Sonja; a warrior clad in armor who went from fighting in a battle to a world she has never seen, with people speaking a language she does not understand. The characters were drawn and written so well, it felt like their confusion over the situation is your own confusion. And for a first time reader, the random mention of unknown characters helps that confusion. Though for returning fans, it’s more a fun easter egg. And of course, these unknown characters will make a quick show of themselves before the end of the issue.

Now I don’t want to give too much of this story away, but it truly is a great show of characterization as these characters respond to these new situations they are in. I love Max’s confident love my job attitude that quickly falls away to unsettlement at the situation he’s in. And I love Sonja’s warrior personality tuned down slightly when she needs to analyze the world around her. The complexity of these characters along with the realistic drawings have really drawn me in, and as I said before, I can’t wait for issue number two.

AliCardaropoli-profile-pic-2Ali is a creative writer with an emphasis on Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Comic Books. She first fell in love with superheroes when they were used to teach her to read. When not practicing at her dojo or out seeing the latest superhero movie with her friends, Ali can be found curled up on the couch with her dog and a good book.


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