Review: Attack on Titan Chapter 82

Attack on Titan – Chapter 82

(Kodansha 2009)

Story & Art by Hajime Isayama

Storyline Ongoing

Summary: In an alternate telling of the history of the world, mankind has been pushed back behind walls where for the last 100 years they’ve been protected from monsters known as Titans. One day these Titans appeared again and brought one of those walls crashing down – the result almost sent humanity into extinction. This is the story of the last remnants of mankind.


Review: This chapter is one of the better ones in recent memory because we finally get the story moving forward. At the same time we get the return of a character we thought was dead (this is the second time she’s been thought dead so far) and we get another actual on panel character death. And quite a major character at that.

The worst part about Attack on Titan is that it’s a monthly series so it takes longer for the arcs to move and I understand that. Most of my frustration is still justified however because each chapter is around 50 pages generally in length, which is an absurd amount of page space. Surely Isayama can figure out a way to make the story move quicker and make each month waiting feel worth it to the reader.

This arc has never felt compelling and with so many characters dying and then miraculously coming back to life during it – okay there’s Hanji who returns this chapter and  Reiner which I still call BS on his resurrection – it never feels like anything real is at stake. Plus it never helped that Isayama decided that if he followed through with his original ending of killing everyone it would anger his fanbase and he doesn’t want that. Which was a terrible move because it definitely shows in how every battle with the Titan’s have felt for quite awhile now.

Chapter 82 pageFinally though, in these most recent chapters some things have started change, Erwin has died in a way that he cannot be resurrected – and on panel at that – and this chapter ended with the on panel death of another major character: Armin. That’s right, one of the holy trio of main characters dies this panel after being blasted by steam as he burned alive.

It’s sad though to say that by this point in the story I didn’t actually feel anything when he went. I love Armin too, he’s one of my favorite characters in the series, and it sucks to see him go but it’s also about time that the Titans started being a threat again. Plus Armin gets a (to be determined) heroic sacrificial death so that’s nice for him.

Overall the chapter itself was okay. Mikasa and the other main characters take on the revived Reiner while Eren and Armin take on Bertolt all in a grand plan Armin came up with to take out the two super-Titans. The plan is simple enough and surprisingly works although it ends in Armin’s death. Which every character saw coming so no one sees it as a surprise when it happens.

I’m definitely interested to see where things go from here though as now Bertolt will have to answer for his crimes now that Eren’s forced him out of his Titan body. Perhaps we’ll finally start seeing some real progress for this stretch of the story. I feel like we’re close to the ending but I can never be completely sure at the same time. We’ll just have to wait another month and see.

Final Score: 4 Heroic Sacrifices out of 5

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