Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Ep.17

(Marvel Studios 2016)

Summary: Inhumans have begun popping up all over the globe now that the Terrigen strain has been released into the ozone. Phil Coulson, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., is leading a task force to detain these Inhumans before they unleash unknown catastrophe on the world. However he meets opposition from all sides including the U.S. Military. Things are not the same and this is a tale of a changed people.

“The Team”

Directed by Elodie Keene; Written by DJ Doyle


Review: Holy jeezus people, this effing episode!

S.H.I.E.L.D. has been rock solid since it came back from its mid-season finale offering up a concrete string of episodes that rivals that of the post-Winter Soldier episodes of season 1. With this episode that string continues into a crescendo that equals yet another one of the best episodes of this season so far.

This episode sees Daisy finally assemble the Secret Warriors, something we’ve been waiting all season for in order to save Coulson and the crew from Hive. Our first official iteration of the team on screen is  Daisy, who in the comics is called Quake; Lincoln, who I believe is an original character; Joey, who I also believe is an original character; and finally Elena, otherwise known as Slingshot in the comics but will probably continue to be Yo-Yo for the show.

The team looks really good guys. Yeah, all black like the usual fair. And both Joey and Yo-Yo are in their normal clothes during this, they both just wear all black on occasion it would seem. I do think the show should interject a little color into its palette but overall I thought they looked great for their first outing.

I’m not sure how much time has really passed for these characters since Joey and Yo-Yo were last on the show but I do like seeing how everyone has matured and not just feel but also look more confident as well. Like they belong. Especially Yo-Yo who’s super kickass and hot as hell in this episode. It’s also really nice to see this show taking longer strides in portraying more diversity in its characters. I mean, half that team I just listed off are Latinos which is great as there are very few of them in MCU. Along with a few other nationalities, but I digress.

I was glad they verified the Hive-mind theory this episode as well as it became the central conflict for the episode. The big twist of which of the Secret Warriors was infected was in fact a surprise to me. Not in the “Gasp! I had no idea that was coming!” kind of way, but the “Holy wow, they actually had the balls to do that!” kind of way. It was really impressive for them to put Daisy front and center as the infected member and essentially make her a villain for the rest of the season.

Secret Warriors assembleAnd a powerful villain at that. I figure she’ll be “free” once Hive’s original body is fully destroyed, but I am curious how much of him if any of him at all will remain with her past this season? Granted, this series hasn’t done a great job at really sticking to and exploring permanent damage in its characters. Both May and Ward – when he was alive – stopped displaying signs of eternal rage after a few episodes in season one after touching that Asgardian Berserker Staff. May always has rage, that’s her character, and Ward had a troubled past that made him demented.

Fitz’s asphyxiation/hypoxia from season 2 is all but a shadow of its former self as the Fitz we know now seems more or less to his normal, bumbling self. So don’t really expect any of this to effect her past this season but it’s still impressive to me that they decided to go there with the character.

I truly enjoyed seeing her literally bring SHIELD down around her as she exited the base. I do think she could’ve walked faster, as the base was literally falling on top of her, but the scene was really cool and shocking regardless of logic.

Much like Malick’s daughter’s death last episode was a shock to me, so was Malick’s death this episode. I had no idea it was coming this soon and to be perfectly honest it felt right in ending his character’s arc here. Malick was done after the death of his baby girl, Hive destroyed him, and this episode he finished the job. It will be really interesting to see where the season goes from here with just a few episodes left and a big time Marvel movie still on the horizon.

However with Hive’s story currently front and center I doubt Civil War will really effect it that much. When Winter Soldier premiered during season 1 the show had to address it because of the very nature of its story, as well as the season had 6 episodes to flesh out that arc. Season 2 tied a bit into Age of Ultron by acting as a pseudo-prequel which I felt was perfectly fine, but in the aftermath there was only 3 episodes left to wrap everything up so the show wasn’t really effected all that much. Which again was fine. With this season again the show will only have 3 episodes post-Civil War to wrap up so it will probably address the movie in some way but probably not be overly effected by it.

I know there are plenty of people out there who aren’t going to like that, but those people are the ones who still don’t see this series for the great story its become since its first half of season 1. For those of us still enjoying the show, I’m more interested to see where this story goes than how it will be effected by a major movie. We’re past that novelty and I think that’s okay.

Final Score: 4.5 Hive Minded Individuals out of 5

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