Interview with Rachel Deering

In the Dark - A Comic Horror Anthology
Interview with Creator Rachel Deering
By: Brad Gischia

Everyone has seen how Kickstarter has changed the indie comics industry.  If you have a good idea and good talent there is nothing that can stop you from getting funding.  Millions of people see the site and donate daily to projects they feel strongly about.  What happens when you take a seasoned comic professional and add the Kickstarter gene into the pool?  In the Dark happens.  Thank you Rachel Deering. Continue reading


‘Whovian By Design’ with Franco Romualdez, Episode 5

Review: Doctor Who Series 2 episode: “The Christmas Invasion”

by Franco Romualdez

Did someone call a Doctor?

The parting of 9th Doctor actually came at the worst possible time for the citizens of earth. The Doctor and Rose return to the present just in time for Christmas; for those who aren’t familiar with the show, Christmas seems to be marked on every hostile alien’s calendar as the best day to invade Earth. Continue reading


‘Whovian By Design’ with Franco Romualdez, Episode 4

Review: Doctor Who Series 1 episodes: “Bad Wolf” and “The Parting of the Ways”

by Franco Romualdez


Having watched the Matt Smith incarnation of The Doctor first, I ready didn’t know what to expect when I decided to give the first four series of Doctor Who’s modern era a shot. Needless to say I was thoroughly surprised by how well they matched up. Continue reading


REVIEW: “Deadpool” #17

(Marvel Comics, 2013)

Review by Shawn Warner

WRITTEN BY: Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan
ARTWORK BY: Declan Shalvey
COLOR ARTWORK BY: Jordie Bellaire

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly just keeps getting better, and part three is a perfect amalgamation of all the things that make us love Deadpool. The humor is stepped up a bit in this issue compared to the previous two parts but the tonal shift to darker more complex emotional subject matter is still very evident. Continue reading


REVIEW: “The Mocking Dead” #2

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITTEN BY: Fred Van Lente
ARTWORK BY: Max Dunbar
LETTERING BY: Simon Bowland

Humor in comics are making a big splash, whether it be an indie or major publisher, and I think it’s a great thing.  The comic world as a whole suffers when creators and publishers take their entire line of books too seriously, and for a long time this was the case. Continue reading


REVIEW: “The Lone Ranger” Annual 2013

(Dynamite Entertainment, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Written by – Shannon Eric Denton
Art by – Matt Triano
Colors by – Dinei Ribeiro
Letters by – Rob Steen
Cover by – Colton Worley

*Limited Spoilers

I’ve said before how much I love westerns.  From the old Rifleman TV series I watched with my grandmother, to Firefly, everything about the genre is exciting and inspiring.  So what better way to introduce someone to it than through one of the greatest and longest running western stories in popular culture? Continue reading


REVIEW: “The Wake” #4

(DC Comics/Vertigo, 2013)

Review by Zakk Saam

WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ARTWORK BY: Sean Murphy
COVER ART BY: Sean Murphy

Today marked the release of The Wake #4, the fourth chapter of ten in a sea monster story written by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Batman) and illustrated by Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus).

The Wake #4 follows Doctor Lee Archer, a specialist in hydroacoustics and her team as they try and escape a damaged underwater rig Continue reading


‘Lost in the Longbox’ with Brad Gischia, Episode 16


Detective Comics #603
(DC Comics, 1989)

Writer – Alan Grant
Pencils – Norm Breyfogle
Inks – Steve Mitchell
Colors – Arienne Roy
Letters – Todd Klein

Greetings from the Wasteland!

Detective Comics, before the New 52 re-launch, was one of the two longest running comics series without renumbering.  With that longevity comes a mix of feelings.  Can a series stay fresh when looking at a 700-plus issue run? Continue reading


REVIEW: “Noctua” #2

(Alterna Comics, 2013)

Review by John Monaghan

Writer: Andrew M. Henderson
Artist: J. C. Grande
Colour: Eagle Gosselin
Letters: David Paul

In a society experiencing widespread viral vampirism, a brooding vigilante who has suffered a personal loss clashes with members of an organized crime family and a couple of police officers are left picking up the pieces. Continue reading


‘The Couch Nerd’ with Galen Garner, Episode 2

The Couch Nerd: Quickie for the Week

By Galen Garner

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! We are in for a wonderful week with the big kick off of three of two of our major shows that we will be following here at the Couch Nerd. For a quick reminder, I try my best to warn about spoilers, but I can’t always promise that I will not remember to do so. (I had someone ruin Harry Potter for me, so since then my spoiler soul has been dead.) Continue reading


REVIEW: “Federal Bureau of Physics” #2

(DC/Vertigo Comics, 2013)

Review by John Monaghan

Writer: Simon Oliver
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Colours: Rico Renzi
Letters: Steve Wands

Collider had to change its name after issue one because someone else had that name locked down. So here’s Federal Bureau of Physics / Collider #2.

Whereas issue #1 was concerned with building up and alleviating tension throughout and providing a bit of context for the series, issue #2 steadily builds up tension Continue reading


‘Lost in the Longbox’ with Brad Gischia, Episode 15


“Luke Cage: Hero For Hire” #1
(Marvel Comics, 1972)

Written by Archie Goodwin
Drawn by George Tuska

Greetings from the Wasteland!

I often think the greatest trick a comic writer can pull, aside from creating a new and exciting character, is to re-create an old character, make them viable in today’s market and more importantly, in their own comic universe. One such character is Luke Cage, Power Man. Continue reading