REVIEW: “Liberator” #3

(Black Mask Studios, 2013)

Review by Brad Gischia

Created & Written by:  Matt Miner
Pencils & Inks:  Javier Sanchez Aranda
Colors Artwork:  Joaquin Pereyra
Letters & Edits:  Vito Delsante
Cover Artist:  Ben Templesmith

Note: Moderate Spoilers.  I’ll try not to get too deep into the story, only mentioning briefly some broad plot points that you would most likely infer from reading issues one and two anyway, because readers of this site and this comic are fantastically intelligent and thoughtful.

Because of the distance to my NLCS (nearest local comic shop), it’s very unusual for me to be able to jump into a new series, and still be caught up with that series by the time it reaches the third issue.  Fortunately because of, I’ve been able to keep up with Matt Miner’s Liberator, which boasts its’ third issue on September 11.  Miner has proven with this issue that he is no one-hit-wonder, and the book itself is getting more interesting with each passing month.

To recap, at the end of issue 2 we left Jeanette and Damon facing off with a couple of cops as they were busted leaving the research building of the local college, each holding bags full of liberated rabbits.  Issue 3 begins precisely there, and the two catch a lucky break and escape without hassle.

Here begins the crux of the issue, when Damon takes their escape for granted.  He does something that could jeopardize their operation, and it leaves Jeanette with a bad taste in her mouth.  It is just one example in this issue of the lengths that Damon will go to, not only to save animals, but to punish their captors.  Jeanette is in it just to save them, to prevent further cruelty, but Damon has a thirst for vengeance that seems to go beyond what a normal person would feel, and when he exacts that vengeance, he enjoys it.  Aranda has drawn a great panel of Damon laughing after their rabbit heist, and you can tell that he is comfortable with the characters, has grown to love them just as much as Miner does.

Miner juxtaposes Damon and Jeanette perfectly in just skewing their moral lines.  Jeanette is the moral compass and Damon is the willingness to do anything, the all-or-nothing attitude that Jeanette despises.  She will continue to oppose him until she is faced with a situation that only he can deal with, a time when she has to pull the trigger and cannot.  Then Damon’s usefulness will be obvious.

Liberator #3 continues to deliver and adds a twist ending that shows that the enemy is closer than either Jeanette or Damon dreamed.

Matt Miner has continued the development of the characters, adding hints here and there of a shadowy past for Damon, and the opposition of the two main characters is intriguing.  Javier Sanchez Aranda’s excellent art continues to shine, and the colors by Jouquin Pereyra make the book look as good as it reads.  I’m almost a little disappointed that I got this so early, because now I have to wait that much longer for Liberator #4.


“Liberator” #3 is released on September 11th, 2013.
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