REVIEW: “Batman/Superman” #2

(DC Comics, 2013)

Review by Galen Garner


I love that this issue of Batman and Superman came out a few days after the big DC movie announcement last week at the San Diego Comic-Con. If anyone hasn’t been on the Internet in the last week then I am happy to be the one to let you know that DC Comics is going to produce a Batman and Superman movie to be release in 2015.

If the cinema versions of the Caped Crusader and the Last Son of Krypton compliment each other anything like Pak’s version, the world is in for a wonderful treat. With that being said, Greg Pak and Jae Lee have really put together something brilliant here in this second issue of the superhero team-up.

Pak brings back something to the Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne relationship that has been missing for quite some time. Since their original meeting back in 1939, Batman and Superman have met each other a hundred times in a hundred different ways. Pak puts wonder back into the origin meet up of these two superheroes. Clark isn’t quite sure who he really is or what his purpose is, and Bruce believes that his way is the only way.

This issue finds the two characters not long after their meet up being transported to a different world, or time. It really isn’t sure throughout the comic which one of the two it is, but there is a total sense of confusion that fogs this entire issue. The younger Batman and Superman run into older versions of themselves in this different dimension where Superman’s parents are still alive and Batman is married to Catwoman.

Normally when I find myself confused in a comic book, I blame it on the writer and artist. In Batman and Superman the confusion is important because it is an element that is felt by the characters that is shared with the reader, and that isn’t something that I have found in too many books.

This series is the first series for me with Jae Lee and I have been very happy with the feel of his brushstrokes across each panel. He brings a subtle, yet dark dimension into this book that made me want to solve the confusion surrounding Batman and Superman. His detail to shading and highlights really makes the reader have to focus on what is going on to fully understand the story. My favorite art in this book is a spread with young Batman and old Batman countering each other with the same moves that explores the great imaginative talents and collaboration on this book of both Pak and Lee.

I’m really excited about where this series is headed and what lies in the next issue. You might be a little bit lost if you just try to pick up this book without reading the first one and your doing yourself a disservice if you don’t read both. The art and story in issue one is just as magnificent as issue two. Definitely a must have for your Batman and Superman collection.


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