REVIEW: “Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman” #3

(Brewhouse Comics, 2013)

Review by Cory Thrall

WRITTEN BY:  Josh S. Henaman
ARTWORK BY:  Andy Taylor
COLOR ARTWORK BY:  Thomas Bonvillain

One of the very first reviews posted here on Bag & Bored was for issue #1 of this title, ‘Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman’, and I’m happy to say we’ve been following it since then.  Issue #3 is out now, and I while I had some great expectations of this issue, I am very glad to announce my expectations were blown to tiny bits.  And then blown again into nothing.  I sat down with this issue and before I knew it I had read it a number of times over the course of the following three days.

The one thing that has excited me about this book is that each issue is such a new layer of the story arc, with more and more being revealed and introduced as you go along.  The seamless way this has been handled is perfect for the way the book feels – sincerely epic and booming with awesomeness.  Issue #1 was a wonderful issue but almost like the teaser, or a pilot episode.  Issue #2 was a step up in both quality of artwork and story, and brought a ton of new things to the title, thus adding to the complexity of the story and characters.  Now, with issue #3 we have some answers posed in the previous two, and new questions yet to be answered.  The fact that so much of this can be crammed into the first three issues and still work so well is a compliment to both Henaman’s scripting and the increasingly-amazing artwork and storytelling by both Taylor and Bonvillain.  I admit, there were a few times where I had to re-read a part here or there, just for clarity, but they were few and – when I got what was going on – I found it to be more evidence of the complex and intricate tale being told.  I didn’t feel I had missed something due to an error in writing or art, it was more like finding an ‘easter egg’ in some movie or video game.  Each re-read of these issues has that possibility.

So, when we first met our Bigfoot/Sasquatch and his eventual buddy Castor, they were escaping a horrid village, quickly finding themselves in a possibly worse situation when their travels bring them to be drafted into “Her Majesty’s Conscription Army”.  While working with the Army, they come across an injured woman, whose uniform bares ‘the Queen’s Light’.  With the symbol and her suit signifying that she is one of the troops specially trained to protect the people from the Horde – a demon-like form of creature that can tear a man limb-from-limb – they attempt to aid her in her suffering.  She is able to mouth the words “They’re coming”, and eventually mentions that she has seen an object called “the Heart of the Sun”.  This grabs Castor’s attention incredibly fast and, up until she gives in to Death, he is badgering her about where she saw it.

The Army had been working on a device known as the ‘beacon’, which is activated and destroys the advancing Horde.  Their leader, Captain Ranu, feels like it was too well planned for a simple attack, and his suspicions rise up.  He plans to take what is basically a “Giant Beacon Fueled Bomb” into the Hive of the Horde, to which only Castor and Bigfoot are willing to do.  With the Captain’s crew squared away, they ship off, heading for the dreaded Horde.

This is where we come to the newest issue, #3.  The ship is under serious attack, which quickly causes the Beacon WMD to blow sky-high, obliterating flesh and boat alike.  Bigfoot and Castor are able to escape, but as they flee the ground crumbles underfoot, dropping them into a deep cavern.  And here is where issue #3 really takes off.  We are introduced to ‘Her Majesty’, who turns out to be a very infamous woman who also happens to hold ‘the Heart of the Sun’.  The back story for her is told in a near sepia tone style, which is definite points for Bonvillain’s always strong work, and has some of the best writing and artwork I’ve yet to see in this title.  Without wanting to ruin this amazing scene for you, I will say there is a shot of a rival King, where he has a baby in his hands, and the art for this side-shot of the man’s face is so well rendered I studied it intensely.  This whole segment is really a perfect example of the level of work going on here, and is one of my favorites of the entire series.

Again, not wanting to spoil too much of the story (you’re just going to have to get the comic & see for yourself how great it is!), so let me say there is a perfect ending to this issue that includes masses of water, ghoulish minions, melting flesh, a very greedy Castor, and the return of a character only seen in a few scenes during the first issue.  It ends with a really strong feeling that this is the beginning of an even greater future for this book, and lives up to how seriously epic and larger than life this has been from the get-go.  I am so happy I came across the first issue while surfing the net, and that I loved the premise so much I *had* to buy it.  Since then I have been treated with a comic that not only keeps getting better and better as each part is released, but also a title I feel I will be following for quite some time.  I say again, as I have in previous reviews of this title – this is one publisher and creative team you’re going to want to watch for.  Trust me, you’ll be more than happy you did.  I know I am.


You can pick up all three issues of “Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman” straight from the publisher here:


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