REVIEW: “Noctua” #1

(Alterna Comics, 2013)

Review by Jose Sagastume

WRITTEN BY: Andrew M. Henderson
ARTWORK BY:  Orlando Baez
COLOR ARTWORK BY:  Eagle Gosselin

In issue one of Noctua writer Andrew Henderson introduces to a universe where vampires, known as transhumans, co-exist with humans. Instead of running with a very supernatural setting the story takes place in the year 2051 after a virus has mutated 5% of Earth’s population into transhumans.

The issue wastes no time in introducing the main characters and getting each of their stories going. First we are introduced to the vigilante Noctua as he stops a group of blood traffickers. In the process he also saves a young girl and takes her into his care. The sequence not only does a great job at showing us how deadly Noctua can be but it gives us a sense of his reputation in the world.

One of the traffickers killed by Noctua turns out to be the son of Alucard Constans who aside from being a mob boss is also transhuman rights activist. The issue also introduces us to two detectives who work for the TRT; the Transhuman Relations Taskforce who are assigned to look into the blood trafficking ring.

 Although I get a sense that Henderson really knows where he wants his story to go my one complaint is that the pacing is off. The writer is throwing so much at us in the first issue that it’s easy to get lost. In fact I had to re-read some of the scenes in order to better understand them. Having said that, I can’t recommend this book enough. Not only does it have trace elements of a super hero book and a crime drama mixed together it also seems to want to explore the issue of race within this world.

If you’re looking for an interesting take on the vampire mythos then you should check out this book. Once the pacing is fixed it will definitely be something that everyone should check out.


“Noctua” #1 will be released from Alterna Comics, available on May 8th at


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