REVIEW: “Knuckleheads” #1

(Monkeybrain Comics, 2013)

Review by Jared Butler

WRITER:  Brian Winkeler
ARTWORK:  Robert Wilson IV
LETTERS:  Thomas Mauer

Knuckleheads kicks off by showing us our protagonists in his natural state of sloth.  Trevor K. Trevinski is a lazy and cynical slob and the last person in the world you’d expect to become a superhero.  Even after aliens have melded “Crystal Knuckles” onto his right hand, he has yet to find the motivation to do more than sit on the couch in his boxers and pink robe.  All the while his best friend/roommate Lance pleads him to do some good in the world, especially when a giant ‘Cloverfield’-like monster starts rampaging through their city.  Only after the power in his apartment is knocked out and seeing a “Hot Drunk English Chick” in distress is Trevor willing to face the monster.

This comic has a very modern comedic style to it, and has a loose grip on reality that reminds one of a Wil Ferrell movie. Brian Winkeler provides a very entertaining portrait of a common ‘Dude’ kind of guy that just happens to have superpowers. The witty dialog and the quick pacing allowed me to easily get into the story and enjoy it, even without really know what was going on.

Robert Wilson IV’s cartoon-like art style and detailed line work fits this comic very well. With only a few questionably rendered panels, I think he shows great potential and I look forward to seeing more from him in future issues.  Although it is very nice to see such an indie comic in color, Jordan Boyd’s work here gives very little depth to each page.

This comic is just straight up silly and a good break from the norm. Full of pop culture references, satire and Dude-Bro antics, and never having to resort to lowbrow humor for cheap laughs. I do wish this issue had been longer, as this felt more like a preview then a full first issue of a comic. In it we are introduced to the main characters, told a little about the Crystal Knuckles and see the monster at the end.  That’s all you get, but I’m sure next issue we will get to see our hero in action and find out what the Crystal Knuckles can really do. I enjoyed notes from the creators in the back that gave a brief history in the making of this comic and showed some examples of how Robert Wilson’s artwork has improved over the years. It gives this comic a very personal feel that I am always fond of.

Altogether Knuckleheads is a very fun and enjoyable title that I’m looking forward to enjoying more of, and is well worth it’s $0.99 cover price from Monkey Brain Comics.

You can follow J.G. Butler on Twitter:  @Floor0272

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