REVIEW: “Shadowman” #6

(Valiant Entertainment, 2013)

Review by Jose Sagastume

WRITER:  Justin Jordan
ARTISTS: Patrick Zircher, Lee Garbett,
and Neil Edwards
COLOR ARTWORK: Brian Reber & Guy Major

Issue 6 of Shadowman starts off immediately where we last left of with Master Darque and Baron Samedi coming to an agreement; in exchange for power the aging and almost forgotten god must kill Shadowman. Meanwhile on Earth Shadowman and Alyssa stop a group that is kidnapping children and using their nightmares to create an expensive drug called Soma.  At the same time we find out that Dr. Mirage has come in search of Dox to deliver a warning, but is it too late?

What I enjoyed about the issue is that although there’s a lot happening Justin Jordan, the writer, made sure that story progressed smoothly. In fact, its one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about the series. To date the story has done a great job in keeping a great pace and having you consistently entertained. There hasn’t been a dull moment in any of the previous issues and this one is no different.

Likewise the character progression in the series has been solid for the main character. In this issue we see Jack try to come to terms with the price that he must pay for being Shadowman. We also see him struggling to remain in control while being Shadowman. My only complaint is that Dox and Alyssa haven’t gotten as much attention as I’d like to see. The writing team has done an excellent job at making them both interesting characters but hasn’t given me enough of their backstory to make me care for them as much as I should be.

Another high point for this issue and the series is the art and you truly see it shine when parts of the story take place in the Deadside. The art and color for those parts is spot on and perfect. The look of the issue remains pretty consistent despite the fact that it was worked on by different artists. There are times when the change is slightly noticeable but never enough to distract you away from the story.

I can’t recommend this issue and the series enough. If you’ve been reading Shadowman you can’t miss this issue and if you haven’t then start!


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