REVIEW: “Hellboy: In Hell”

(Dark Horse, 2013)

Reviewed by Chris Ambrosio

WRITER & ARTWORK: Mike Mignola
COVER ARTIST: Mike Mignola

It has been a while since I have seen Mignola do work with Dark Horse for Hellboy, since 2005 I believe. With Mignola being gone for so long, we all were stuck wondering if he was ever going to return and if he did was he going to be able to return with a big BOOM! Yes Mignola came back with one of the biggest “BOOMS” for the Hellboy universe, Hellboy being one of my favorite series ever, I criticize every little thing I can, and I can proudly say that I don’t have many harsh things to say about this series.

The first couple of pages give us a little recap from Hellboy the Fury, where Hellboy’s heart is ripped from his chest and he plummets down into the abyss, which isn’t quite hell… yet. These few pages left my mind filled with many questions, with the giant crawfish clinging to the rock Hellboy is sitting atop of, to the guy with the hammer, is Hellboy really dead?

Mignola really brings a lot to the artistic area for me, only reading some of his previous work I wasn’t too keen and knowledgeable with his work. His art is quirky and different, with the dark backgrounds and edgy shapes on the characters, it’s really his own. Mignola doesn’t try to be perfect, so there really can’t be any critiques on the anatomy and the way the bends take place, he creates his own world with the art, so Hellboy can bend his arms anyway he likes.

The one thing that I have to say that the comic could have done without is the double panel where the hammer is swung at Hellboy and the next panel simply, says “BOOM”, with a black background, nothing else, reason why I brought this up is because Mignola does this a lot. Not that is something I don’t like, just something we can see less of. Something else I like that Mignola did was the ancient looking symbols sketched into the walls throughout the panels, I for one have really missed this type of art, Mignola is truly one of the best artist out there.

Hellboy in Hell is amazing it is a lot of fun and gorgeous for that matter. There are very little things to critique about this book. The only major flaw is that we had to wait so long for another Mignola installment in the Hellboy universe. The past artists that worked on Hellboy did him justice but the wait for Mignola just was so sweet, Fegredo did great work and added a lot of general things to Hellboy. Leaving us with a huge cliffhanger at the end of “Hellboy: the Storm” #3, specifically with the death of Hellboy, I think we were all eagerly awaiting the return of Mignola with this incredible book!

Out of a 5 I give this book a perfect score, the visuals and the story line just keep me drawn in the whole time, beautiful and fulfilling for a never ending Hellboy fan! If you can, definitely pick up this book and give it a go, I promise you, you won’t be let down!


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