PREVIEW: “Artful Daggers” #1 from Monkeybrain Comics

Releasing on March 6th, Monkeybrain Comics has a new title by the name of “Artful Daggers”, and it’s an excitingly dark and fun one.  The story takes place 50 years after a time traveler – who had brought with him the technology and scientific know-how from his time to the Medieval Age – basically changing history as we know it into an almost modern world.  Kingdoms of old are now Corporations, known all too well for hiring assassins and agents to deal with their varied ‘black ops’ needs.  A Corporate sense of greed and secret boardroom meetings, now in the harsh, violent past – and a past that just might not be able to hold the constant workings of it all.

“Artful Daggers” main character is young Vice Princess Arden, who is not only royalty but also the best operative and assassin for a group called the ‘Tricksters’, one of the organizations hired to handle the dirty work of anyone that will pay.  Originally a group wielding great influence and strength, they are now resigned to living underground.  From there they hope to rebuild their group, returning it to its former glory.  Among the members, a new recruit and possible new friend for Arden is the young Piper, who looks to be more of an innocent among the Tricksters, and her inexperience almost botches her and Arden’s first job together.  Eventually, a stolen firearm prototype, a Bar fight, a new level of technology having been researched, and a realization of an error made by Arden in an earlier scene send her off on a rescue mission – to not only save the captive, but possibly to also redeem her mistakes.

Arden is a very curious character, both enjoying the dance-like violence her jobs find her getting into and wanting to change her murderous tendencies.  She is caring and protective of others, but also a ruthlessly cutthroat thief and murderer.  The complexities of her character are nicely handled, and the writing by Adam P. Knave and Sean E. Williams on this title seems prone to that.  The character’s individual personalities are defined in a quick but well paced manner, and the story itself moves in a similar way – thoughtful and specific.  The artwork by Andrew Losq has an awesomely unique style to it, and is very chaotic and visually sharp and angled.  The lines are heavy, and the characters bold and easily recognizable.  It’s an overall exciting look for an action and subterfuge filled comic, and the cohesion between the script and artwork are near perfect.  The package of the title is completed by artfully placed and chosen colors that give the book another level of curiousness, making me want to study each panel after I had read it.

“Artful Daggers” #1 is another great start to another great Monkeybrain title, who are becoming one of my favorite publishers.  I would suggest grabbing this as soon as you can.  It’s releasing on this weeks New Comic Day March 6th), and is only .99 cents, so where’s your excuse?  Check out this blast of a title and much more at Monkeybrain Comics’ website, found here:

Here are some preview pages from “Artful Daggers” #1:


Preview by Feral Fang

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